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Virtual Tour Experience – virtualy as good as reality!

We have a simple philosophy, to exceed our client’s expectations every time .

The objective of Tredna Ltd. is to provide high-quality, valuable and customised services of interactive 3D visualisation showcases, and virtual tour experiences within different spaces for clients all over the world. Whether it be an Art Gallery, Car Event or just a House, the virtual reality visitors can navigate our immersive environments interactively, as if they were there, giving them the opportunity to see and experience the space in a way that no ordinary two-dimensional photography or a film can do. Virtual tours provide to viewers a complete picture rather than just segments or angles that leave questions and uncertainties in their minds.

We place the visitors inside the space and give them the freedom to look around, engaging them with the place they visit. For cross-country and overseas viewer, this is perfect because they can feel and experience a place without being there with a sense of realism and authenticity. They can take the virtual walk through tour and experience the space with this amazing technology and revisit a specific place every time they want.Our immersive virtual experiences can now be published on Google Street View platform.


Our Business Perspective

How can a foreign client, a luxury Real Estate agent or a Family Office from Moscow, Dubai or Hong Kong decide or advise for buying, selling or renting a property in London based exclusively on some words and a few pictures?

Tredna can produce interactive immersive 3D visualisation plans and VR experience from distance. One of the most important facts for foreign clients are flexible hours, to provide a high-quality and professional services with customised delivery. This way foreign clients will not lose their precious time traveling to London only for viewing a property.

Tredna bespoken solutions, are client sensitive and the excellence in fulfilling the promise of completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information.

At Tredna we care about our clients and we know that privacy and confidentiality is very important for them, therefore we are prepared to sign, at any time, a Non Disclosure Agreement Contract.

Our Services

  • 3D Virtual Video Tours
  • Immersive images in both 2D, 3D & Panoramic
  • High quality print ready photography
  • Schematic Black & White Floor plans – accurate to within 1%
  • 3D Colourised Floor plans
  • 3D Dolls House view
  • Virtual walk through
  • Interactive Content
  • Tags & MediaTags- Interactive Information Points
  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • Interior Design
  • Heritage Building Conservation