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VR Application


Real Estate

2D virtual tours tell buyers what a property looks like. What if you could show them what it feels like? With Tredna you can do exactly that. Immerse your online and remote buyers in their future home. Immersive 3D plans and VR experience, lets you prove to buyers that you understand what it takes to sell their home in the 21st century.


Win More Listings – Set yourself apart from your competition by offering the most immersive and interactive technology available.

Greater Online Exposure – Increase your social media click-through rates by 300% with our Walkthroughs. Our content is a simple way to keep strong social media presence.

Generate Untapped Leads – Receive messages and contact info from potential buyers exploring your Walkthrough, directly to your email.

Showings Made Simple – Eliminate agent previews and “pre-qualify” your showings! Never waste a Sunday again.

Property Management

Show Online, 24/7 – Potential buyers or tenants can experience a location in great detail without disturbing the current occupant, or even leaving their couch.


Change the Leasing Process – Eliminate unnecessary property showings by requiring a leasing application before allowing in-person showings. Use our 3D Tours to showcase your properties and save your leasing manager’s time.

Generate Untapped Leads – Receive messages and contact info from potential buyers exploring your 3D Tours, directly to your ClientPortal.

Reach a Wider Audience – Market your property to potential buyers well beyond your state, or even your country. Increasing demand is never a bad thing!

Retail Businesses

Show off your establishment and provide a preview of what customers can expect.


Showcase Your Business, Anywhere – Let potential customers tour your entire property right on your website, from their computer or cell phone.

Open an “Online Store” – We are able to add links to your products directly in our 3D Tours (as shown in the photo above). Generate more buzz and increase your online sales.

Allow Customers to Reserve Specific Tables – Create a button on each of your restaurant tables and allow your customers to choose which table they would like to try and reserve.

Hotel, Travel & Event Spaces

Give visitors a real feel for their experience before they even arrive. When catering to a remote audience, Tredna experiences make your accommodations stand out.


More Bookings and Better Reviews – Drive more traffic to your property and show the true splendor of your vacation rental online.

Greater Online Exposure – Increase your social media click-through rates by 300% with our 3D Tours. Our content is a simple way to drive more traffic to your rental.

Manage Expectations – Travelers who know exactly what their accommodations will look like, won’t hesitate to book with you. Reduce false expectations and unsatisfied travellers.

Construction, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Streamline workflows, engage stakeholders, and document every step of your project.


Save CAD Modeling Time  – We are able to create point cloud files of our 3D Tours to programs like Autodesk ReCap ® or Revit ®. Your CAD architect can then immediately begin designing without starting from scratch.

Use a Pre-Drywall Walkthrough for Reference  – Our 3D Tours allow you to refer back to make sure that wiring is where you think it is.

Showcase Your Best “Before & After” Projects – Use our 3D Tours to give potential customers immersive examples ofwhat you are capable of doing.

Cultural Spaces

Draw visitors to new exhibits or show off stunning architecture. Spaces are a meaningful, emotionally engaging way to experience venues online.

Insurance Adjusting

Adjusters can now capture detailed loss data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Team members can walk damaged properties as if they were there, taking measurements and capturing images.